26 Principles of User Experience Design

26 principles to guide the work of UX practitioner.

  1. It’s all about people, not the product
  2. Focus on experience, rather than the function
  3. Stories are how we understand and shape the world
  4. Pay attention to patterns
  5. Problem finding before problem solving
  6. Expose and challenge assumptions
  7. Explore the big picture and the details at once
  8. Know your materiality: people, technology, business, aesthetics…
  9. Open your eyes; don’t trust what people say
  10. Create models not just narratives; use frameworks
  11. Reframe constraints as a forcing function
  12. Tame Complexity; don’t simplify
  13. Make non-arbitrary design decisions
  14. Set and manage expectations
  15. Everything is designed and everything is a design challenge
  16. Break silos; your role is bigger than you think
  17. Say ‘yes and’; don’t always assume ‘either or’
  18. It’s about the journey, lifecycle, and transition; not just key moments
  19. Externalize your work for yourself and others
  20. Create and close feedback loops
  21. Make stuff and then kill it
  22. Context, context, context
  23. Focus on a single thing and then do it really well
  24. Understand and play with emotion
  25. Engender trust
  26. Collaborate with others

A Brief Rant On The Future Of Interaction Design


New Tsubo Site

We are currently in the process of redesigning our blog to incorporate elements of our portfolio, along with articles and news items to provide deeper insight into the workings of the Tsubo Design collective. If you would like collaborate or contribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


tsubo fol 001

A series of illustrative ephemera. The abstractions are based around platonic geometries found within a construct called Metatron’s Cube – otherwise known as the Flower of Life.

Tesco Phone Shop Kiosk

Working in collaboration with Forward Group; concept design, information arc, user experience and user interface design for an in-store kiosk.

Fuma Software

Branding, Identity & Website.

Fuma is a recently formed software development company. Tsubo was tasked to create a unique brand proposition that bridged the gap between the traditional software house and the integrated digital agency; establishing key messages and tone of voice. The brand mark hints towards the a dynamic programming focus, whilst suggesting solidity and simplicity.

Forward Group / BT Business

Extended contract with Forward Group; now working on a pitch for BT Business. Can’t say more than that folks cause its all hush hush. Shusshh.

Forward Group / Tesco

New contract with Forward Group; developing the information architecture and user experience for an in-store touch-screen kiosk.

EOP Poster Series

A series of A1 posters for the Elements of Power Exhibition.

Elements of Power

New logo for the Elements of Power exhibition. Elements of Power is a sensory depiction of man’s evolving relationship with nature, the alchemy of energy, and the power of art driving the science of a global transition. It challenges existing notions of sustainability and makes the case for a whole-systems approach in which art and culture bridge the gap between technology and ecology.

Artecoop Prospectus

Social Networking Platforms

The List
Here’s a list of Social Networking platforms, or suites that you could take and rebrand, if you know of any others, please leave a comment.

I met Vassil, the CEO, I think it has a chance of giving Sharepoint a run for it’s money given it’s Intranet type features

Microsoft’s collaboration suite is getting social networking tools for it’s 2007 version, I’m waiting for Microsoft to call me to do a demo.

Five Across

SF company just acquired by Cisco

Community Server

I was looking at this while at a previous role, this is what the famous Channel 9 was built on, as well as Dell 1to1 and Xbox


I’m having dinner with Marc Canter tonight of Broadband Mechanics, I’ll be video interviewing him to learn about his “white-label MySpace-in-a-Box”

Social Platform

Just saw this one, looks pretty interesting. (Update: Feb 2008, now acquired by ONEsite)

Details »

tSUBO 2012

Part of new publicity campaign highlighting the convergence of events in 2012. Work in progress.

tSUBO calendar 2009

Graphic calendar for 2009. 100x70cm. Posters available as 2col screen print.


ISOform Hexome : 4 Unit Tetra plus Stack

tSUBO in cooperation with the ArteCOOP present the ISOform Hexome, a modular housing solution, using an new sustainable, emission free, structural insulated panel (SIP).

ISOphonix SIPs meet all current international standards and ecological initiatives, including the the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols; no Ozone Depleting Potential, no Global Warming Potential. They are pre-fabricated and factory engineered prior to distribution and can be constructed in a matter of hours or days (depending on scale) by easily trained construction workers. The lightweight design, and modular construction allows for easy re-use and re-location, ideal for temporary and semi-permanent encampments.

The modular Hex format promotes re-use and community living, whilst providing significant economies through shared walling and resources (water + electricity) when grouped into small communities and village configurations.

The Exploratorium at the Western Wall, Jerusalem


Concepts and interactive systems design for a permanent exhibition at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv City : Realtime Museum

Tel Aviv Realtime Museum

General concept and interactive systems design for Tel Aviv City Museum; a rennovation and re-purposing of the old Town Hall to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary in 2009. The Realtime Museum manifests an evolving cultural representation of the city over time. A combination of commissioned works and user generated content [from a collaborative arts & social network], feeds a visitor controlled interactive exhibition space.

Bezalel Academy of Art & Design – Jerusalem


The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design conducted an international competition for the design of its new campus in Jerusalem. Daniel Mintz together with Rosenfeld Arens Architects invited Tsubo to assist with the concept, design, and architectural communication.

Discovery Networks International

Latest release of the Discovery Networks International online media pack. A digital marketing communications tool to demonstrate Discovery’s position as the leading global media brand. The limited palette and strong typographic approach provides continuity with the emerging on-air look. Deployed on DVD and the web via a content managed Flash delivery system.

The 2nd Planetary Congress

The Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights is an international gathering with an action-oriented agenda. The goal of the congress is not only to define ourselves, our rights and our responsibilities from the perspective of the biosphere, but to lay plans and strategies for implementing action.

Hosted by the Foundation for the Law of Time, the congress is a sequel to the first congress held ten years ago at the Parlamundi of the World Parliment of Ecumenical Fraternity in Brasilia.